Modifiers Quiz 1

 Dec 04 2017    |   Category: IELTS , OET , PTE , TOEFL , SSC CGL
A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause which functions as an adjective or an adverb to describe a word or make its meaning more specific. It is one of the most common errors students commit in tests that include a writing module. Take this short quiz to know where you stand. Good Luck!

Subject Verb Agreement Test 1

 Dec 27 2017    |   Category: IELTS , OET , PTE , SSC CGL , Quiz
Now, for the quiz. If you are taking the quiz on a mobile, click below (it will open in a nice pop-up window that is unobtrusive)  Mobile Quiz  If you wish to take the quiz on the desktop, here you are:

Words, Speaking, Reading and More!

 Mar 18 2019    |   Category: GRE , IELTS , PTE , TOEFL , SSC CGL
1. What is the purpose of this audio file? 2. Why is there a text transcript? Instructions listen to the tape, then listen to the tape as you read the text note down the words you do not know figure out what they mean observe voice modulation record yourself reading the same thing notice the difference Yayy!

Word Usage Quiz – Advanced

 Sep 08 2018    |   Category: GRE , SSC CGL , Quiz
Want to take up the challenge that GRE offers? Want to see if you can make the cut, and get an admission into one of the top universities? You are in all probability already looking at learning a million words and then some. And, if you are among the unlucky few, you have joined a GRE coaching that does not focus on things you need, then you would also be blissfully falling asleep in the session while wondering why you did not just buy a dictionary and stay the hell home. At First Academy, we un


 Aug 13 2020    |   Category: SSC CGL , OET , IELTS , GRE , General Interest
The phone buzzed. It was picked up. I picked it up, and I saw a message from one of the many, ordinary, routine, right-handed dudette telling me today is the day we celebrate left-handedness. Well, I did not know if it is a tongue-in-cheek thing. But, I decided that it did not matter. Though people call me lefthanded, I do have two hands. And only one of them is my left-hand.The last time I checked (which was just now), I used both hands equally. Yes, equally. I might do more things with one tha