2020 December

IELTS Writing Task 2 Band 9 - Ageing

 Dec 01 2020    |   Category: IELTS
Question Many believe that we need to change the way the society and government treats our elders. What is your opinion on this? What changes do we need to bring in to care more for our elderly? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence. Write at least 250 words Here is an analysis of the question There are two sub parts within the question! One is asking for your opinion, the other is about what cou

Stuck at a 6.0 in writing?

 Dec 16 2020    |   Category: IELTS
1. Unnecessary Use of SynonymsAvoid Certain synomyms for  child, children, and parents.Most candidates make the mistake of thinking that using synonyms will improve their IELTS score. This is not entirely correct. Using the right word at the right place is a lot, lot, lot more important that using synonyms for otherwise common words.Many test takers use words like progeny, younglings, offspring, among others. With respect to IELTS, these words are almost always wrong. 'Children', 'youngster


 Dec 17 2020    |   Category: IELTS , OET , PTE , TOEFL , Quiz
What is a collocationA collocation is a combination of two or more words which frequently occur together. If someone says, 'She's got yellow hair, they would probably be understood, but it is not what would ordinarily be said in English. We'd say, 'She's got blond hair'. In other words, yellow doesn't collocate with hair in everyday English. Yellow however collocates with flowers, or jacket, or brick road. It can be difficult for learners of English to know which words col