2020 May

Coronavirus Vaccine

 May 06 2020    |   Category: General Interest
The moment the world has been waiting for seems to be arriving, and soon. The vaccine for the dreaded CoViD-19 looks like it is on its merry way to us. Researchers from many countries are simulaneously working on finding a cure. Each is taking a different approach, and if reports are to be believed, several approaches seem to be yielding results.The first one was the much publicised research which has reached the human trials stage at the University of Oxford. Now, it is the turn of Germany and

Lockdown Trains and Furniture

 May 11 2020    |   Category: General Interest
Another day under lockdown, and some more news of more people being affected by the virus, and some hand-wringing by people in power, and then some more empty-talk of living with the virus. We have heard it all, we have seen it all, and we are now on the verge of frustration that is leading us to want to give it all up.Hold on. There is definitely going to be life after this, and if the way humanity has been going on all these years is any proof, life after this is going to be just the same as t