2018 July

GRE Critical Reasoning

 Jul 11 2018    |   Category: GRE
Here is a sample test of GRE Critical Reasoning questions. Critical Reasoning questions contain a short to medium length paragraph. This paragraph is called the argument (Yes, it similar to those you see in the argument task!). The argument is followed by a question and five answer choices. Unlike the argument task in the AWA section of the GRE, which expects you to identify all the flaws presented, a Critical Reasoning question is more focused. It expects you to respond to the situation present

Writing Better

 Jul 06 2018    |   Category: IELTS , PTE
Writing. What can be said about it? We can all write, but how well we write is usually determined, at least for those that are planning to immigrate into Canada or Australia, by what you score in your IELTS. For many, the excruciating experience of being stuck at a 6.5 in writing while waltzing through every other section of IELTS is something that will remain a painful memory.For those of us who wish to erase this memory or build up on our failures, the first step is to be able to write clearly

So, you think you can connect with me?

 Jul 20 2018    |   Category: IELTS , OET , PTE
Coherence and Cohesion is one of the parameters of evaluation for writing. Since the name sounds good, most are swept up in the charm of the name and hence do not bother to figure out what it means and how it can affect their score. Coherence is about the logical flow of information. It is about unity. About how your essay sounds as a whole. Look at the following sequence of sentences:  Bats are the only mammals capable of flight. Mammals are animals that have hair and external ears. Man is