2019 March

Writing Evaluation

 Mar 18 2019    |   Category: General Interest , IELTS
If you are on a slow connection, please wait for the PDF to load.How is Writing Evaluated? At First Academy, we take evaluations very seriously. We understand the difference between getting a 6.5 and a 7.0. Our trainers thoroughly understand the all the evaluation parameters of IELTS. Here is a sample of one of our evaluations. In this evaluation, you will find: the mistakes underlined. brief explanations of what these mistakes are. trainer comments along with a tentative band score.

Words, Speaking, Reading and More!

 Mar 18 2019    |   Category: GRE , IELTS , PTE , TOEFL , SSC CGL
1. What is the purpose of this audio file? 2. Why is there a text transcript? Instructions listen to the tape, then listen to the tape as you read the text note down the words you do not know figure out what they mean observe voice modulation record yourself reading the same thing notice the difference Yayy!

Reading Comprehension – Sample Questions

 Mar 16 2019    |   Category: General Interest , IELTS , PTE , Quiz
This quiz has 10 questions. The suggested completion time is 20 minutes. The quiz is NOT timed.THE NEXT STEP IN BRAIN EVOLUTION Emily Feld is a native of a new planet. While the 20-year-old university student may appear to live in London, she actually spends much of her time in another galaxy – in the digital universe of websites, e-mails, smart phones and social networking sites. The behavior of Emily and her generation, say experts, is being shaped by digital technology as never before.

Listening Test – Challenging

 Mar 31 2019    |   Category: IELTS , OET , PTE
Short Listening 2Play the audio file and answer questions as you listen. In the actual test, you will not be allowed to pause or rewind the tape. Try following the same rules here too! Remember, the questions are not easy. Read the questions and the answer options at least once before you play the audio tape!  Audio Player : https://firstacademy.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Art_Listening.mp3?_=1 For question or clarifications, you can always reach out to us at www.firstacademy.in

Money and Happiness – Band 9 Sample Essay

 Mar 28 2019    |   Category: IELTS
The following essay is an extension from the article in the telegram channel @IELTSIndia. This post contains an article from which many expressions and phrases have been taken. It is only to give the reader an idea of how to use expressions and phrases the right way. Can money bring happiness? What are the factors for happiness? For many people, life is all about money. People spend a lot of time either thinking about it or figuring out ways to earn it. In this essay, I aim to look at wheth

Few vs. A Few

 Mar 25 2019    |   Category: GRE , IELTS , OET , PTE , Quiz

Sentence Variety – 2

 Mar 19 2019    |   Category: GRE , IELTS , PTE , Quiz
Be it for IELTS, GRE, OET, or any other test you wish to take, knowing words is only one very small part of the fight. If you want to be better than most, you need to be able to both understand and construct a variety of sentences. This quiz looks at your ability to use words in different contexts (GRE) and your ability to construct different sentences with the same meaning (IELTS). Take this quiz and see how you score! If you are new here, and want to look at the earlier test, you can take