2019 September

Meet the Dean: Fairleigh Dickinson University USA

 Sep 26 2019    |   Category: IELTS
Situated in the east-coast, Fairleigh Dickinson University has become a popular destination for Indian students. Among the many benefits FDU provides, here are a few: A) Scholarships in the USA FDU offers up to 9000USD scholarship for all deserving international students. This scholarship is the reflection of student’s GPA and GRE scores. B) Location FDU is located in New Jersey. Its a centrally located city in the east coast amidst many technology companies. It is also a ston

The Best Preparation For IELTS

 Sep 08 2019    |   Category: IELTS
The Most Awesome IELTS Preparation Begins here One of the most important aspects of IELTS preparation is thoroughly understanding the pattern of the test. Knowing that there are 4 sections is easy. This is, by now, common knowledge. However, knowing how the test is exactly will go a long way in helping your IELTS practice time become more fruitful. One of the ways to do this is to take an IELTS online test. The online exam will not only allow you to understand that pattern of the test but als