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Samajavaragamana - Lyrics, Translation, Meaning, Background

 Jan 20 2020    |   Category: General Interest
This song has become something of a hot property. Everyone knows how to look for the meaning of the word, and by now everyone knows the meaning of samajavaragamana. However, we could not find any proper translations that explained the context. This is where the post comes in. 🐘 Some Back Story This word originally (samajavaragamana) became popular because of a thyagaraja keertana of the same name. This is a song about Lord Krishna. It describes how he moves - like an elephant - wit

6 Tips for a Killer SOP

 Feb 24 2020    |   Category: General Interest , GRE
What to write in an SOP and what not write in an SOP are questions that seem to constantly confuse candidates seeking admissions. The more the candidate, the more there are posts about how an SOP should be. The bottom line is that, just as every person has had different experiences, every university, and every program, and every chair has different expectations from the SOP.However, the general rule is that an SOP should be about you as a potential student at the university, and not about what m

Translation and Meaning of Sittarala Sirapadu

 Mar 02 2020    |   Category: General Interest
Regional and folk songs seem to be all the rage these days. From the super popular daari choodu dummu choodu, to the incredibly popular Penimiti to the ya.. ya.. song, the secret to block-busting the box office seems to be the inclusion of a folk song retuned to the tastes of the milennial audiences. On the lines of these songs comes the staggeringly well-sung and well picturised Sittaraala Sirapadu from Ala...Vaikunthapuramulo... Here are the lyrics and the translation of the song:Sitt

Writing Evaluation

 Mar 18 2019    |   Category: General Interest , IELTS
If you are on a slow connection, please wait for the PDF to load.How is Writing Evaluated? At First Academy, we take evaluations very seriously. We understand the difference between getting a 6.5 and a 7.0. Our trainers thoroughly understand the all the evaluation parameters of IELTS. Here is a sample of one of our evaluations. In this evaluation, you will find: the mistakes underlined. brief explanations of what these mistakes are. trainer comments along with a tentative band score.

Reading Comprehension – Sample Questions

 Mar 16 2019    |   Category: General Interest , IELTS , PTE , Quiz
This quiz has 10 questions. The suggested completion time is 20 minutes. The quiz is NOT timed.THE NEXT STEP IN BRAIN EVOLUTION Emily Feld is a native of a new planet. While the 20-year-old university student may appear to live in London, she actually spends much of her time in another galaxy – in the digital universe of websites, e-mails, smart phones and social networking sites. The behavior of Emily and her generation, say experts, is being shaped by digital technology as never before.

Request – Daari Choodu – Lyrics Translation – Telugu to English

 Nov 18 2018    |   Category: General Interest
The super-hit song from the movie Krishnaarjuna Yuddham (The fight between Krishna and Arjuna – two main protagonists in the Indian epic Mahabharata) was an immediate and a massive hit. It was written and sung by Penchal Das. Despite it being in Telugu, many Telugu speakers fail to understand and appreicate it thanks to most phrases being exclusive to the particular dialect it has been written in. Here is a rough translation of the song. If there are any correction and improvements, we

5 Universities and Colleges that offer full scholarships in the US

 Aug 14 2019    |   Category: General Interest
For many getting into a university in the US takes a second spot because of the sometimes expensive tuition fee. But that need not always be the case. This article lists 5 of the many colleges and universities that offer generous scholarships to international students. Getting into the US is no longer a distant dream. It can be a reality. Check out the following colleges and universities and read up to know more about the scholarships they provide.  1. Eastern Tennessee State University

Coronavirus Vaccine

 May 06 2020    |   Category: General Interest
The moment the world has been waiting for seems to be arriving, and soon. The vaccine for the dreaded CoViD-19 looks like it is on its merry way to us. Researchers from many countries are simulaneously working on finding a cure. Each is taking a different approach, and if reports are to be believed, several approaches seem to be yielding results.The first one was the much publicised research which has reached the human trials stage at the University of Oxford. Now, it is the turn of Germany and

Lockdown Trains and Furniture

 May 11 2020    |   Category: General Interest
Another day under lockdown, and some more news of more people being affected by the virus, and some hand-wringing by people in power, and then some more empty-talk of living with the virus. We have heard it all, we have seen it all, and we are now on the verge of frustration that is leading us to want to give it all up.Hold on. There is definitely going to be life after this, and if the way humanity has been going on all these years is any proof, life after this is going to be just the same as t

IELTS Post-pandemic and US Admissions

 Jul 13 2020    |   Category: General Interest , IELTS
The pandemic has affected the lives and plans of everyone across the world. With international travel restrictions still in effect, a lot of students and potential immigrants are now waiting to figure out what their next step would be. One of the first steps for most would be their IELTS exam followed by getting their passports stamped, before they can fly to their favoured destinations. If you are among the many who are stuck not knowing what to do, worrying about the decision taken by Trump

SAT Scholarships | Get Full Funding | SAT Coaching

 Jul 17 2020    |   Category: General Interest , SAT
A lot of us worry about SAT. Some of us worry as parents, and the others as test takers. Whichever classification we fall into, one thing is certain, the main reason for worry, apart from the basely human desire to climb the number mountain, is scholarships. Things are compounded by the fact that there is no clear information about if, we do get scholarships, and how to go about getting them. Let us break this down into bite sized chunks: 1. Do we get scholarships? The simplest, and perhaps th

Togo (2019) - Review

 Aug 11 2020    |   Category: General Interest
I was talking to a veterinarian friend of mine about books, and like it always does, the conversation turned to dogs and by the time afternoon turned to evening, I was looking to set-up my weekday evening date with Togo.The date was, to quote Willem Defoe, memorable.It entertains, it teaches, it takes us to edges of things. It also tells us that the best way to coax a dog to rage against a storm is to quote Shakespeare. How?As the movie blitzes between the ice-storm hells of Norton Sound, Alaska


 Aug 13 2020    |   Category: SSC CGL , OET , IELTS , GRE , General Interest
The phone buzzed. It was picked up. I picked it up, and I saw a message from one of the many, ordinary, routine, right-handed dudette telling me today is the day we celebrate left-handedness. Well, I did not know if it is a tongue-in-cheek thing. But, I decided that it did not matter. Though people call me lefthanded, I do have two hands. And only one of them is my left-hand.The last time I checked (which was just now), I used both hands equally. Yes, equally. I might do more things with one tha

UKVI Proposed Changes for 2021

 Oct 14 2020    |   Category: General Interest
The immigration rules are set to change. And like it happens with the latest iPhones, the news about the proposed changes has leaked. Unlike with the iPhones, there is a lot of fake news floating around. Here is something that we know and we will keep things updated as and when they happen!If you are one of those who find it boring to read, the short version is that, nothing much has changed, except for that fact that there is more emphasis on English language proficiency.Let's take each of thes

...and the UK opens its doors!

 Oct 08 2020    |   Category: General Interest
If you are looking to go abroad and do it the easy way - going to the UK is now the best step forward. Scholarships!The UK border control has now opened doors to foreign students who wish to study abroad, and to those who wish to someday make UK their home. The news only gets better, students are in some cases eligible for scholarships ranging from £1000 to £4000 depending on the course and the university.Work Permits!There is more! UK will now allow all incoming students to work! Ap

Habits of Successful People

 Feb 15 2021    |   Category: General Interest
There is no single definition of success. Here, most people would like to define it as a score of 7 or above in IELTS. But the reality is that the majority end up getting ordinary scores.Hundreds of highly successful IELTS students say the following habits helped them get ahead, both in IELTS and in life.  Here are the recommended life choices that can radically alter your life. Take Risks 🚀Do not be afraid to fail. If you are attending a session, do not hold back. Give answers If t