2021 February

Habits of Successful People

 Feb 15 2021    |   Category: General Interest
There is no single definition of success. Here, most people would like to define it as a score of 7 or above in IELTS. But the reality is that the majority end up getting ordinary scores.Hundreds of highly successful IELTS students say the following habits helped them get ahead, both in IELTS and in life.  Here are the recommended life choices that can radically alter your life. Take Risks 🚀Do not be afraid to fail. If you are attending a session, do not hold back. Give answers If t

Unlocking Writing

 Feb 20 2021    |   Category: IELTS , OET
Coherence is Cohesion, especially when it comes to writing, can be very, very, confusing. To add to this, there is a lot of conflicting information about what should or should not be done. There is no way of identifying which source is correct, and which isn't.We have been in the business of training for writing for over 20 years, and we have thousands of people vouching for us. So, here is our, simplified take on how to write cohesively.Here is a para from an article from a reputed, English-lan

IELTS Writing Task 2 Band 9 Sample

 Feb 10 2021    |   Category: IELTS
Retirement Age - Writing Task 2 Some people think that having a set retirement age (e.g. 65 years) for everybody, regardless of occupation is unfair. They believe that certain workers deserve to retire and receive a pension at an earlier age.Do you agree or disagree?Which type of workers do you think should benefit from early retirement? Look at the 9 Band Sample Below. Courtesy: British Council Many governments set an arbitrary retirement age such as sixty five, but some people