2017 November

IELTS Reading Activity

 Nov 27 2017    |   Category: IELTS
Reading is considered to be the most challenging module in the IELTS test. Practice most certainly aids in helping you gain confidence and master strategies. Here are a few short passages to help you

Grammar and Sentence Structure Test

 Nov 24 2017    |   Category: IELTS , PTE , TOEFL , Quiz
Wondering about what the right phrase would be in the context? This quiz is for you. Be it for speaking in the IELTS test, or understanding the meaning of a piece of written text, knowing how subtle differences in usage can alter meaning can be vital.

GRE Critical Reasoning Sample Test -PC

 Nov 17 2017    |   Category: GRE , Quiz
A quick recap before you take the test This week’s session was about the Critical Reasoning component of the GRE. The GRE Critical Reasoning questions are an extension of the Argument task in the Analytical Writing Assessment section of GRE. These questions test your ability to assess a situation that has been presented to you. Assessing a situation includes your ability to identify flaws, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Quite often, the questions contain answers options that are cor

A New Post is Arriving!

 Nov 15 2017    |   Category: GRE
Are you looking for new posts? A new post on GRE is arriving shortly. The post will be live on this site in sometime.

GRE Reading Comprehension Sample Test – 1

 Nov 09 2017    |   Category: GRE
So you have attended the reading comprehension session at First Academy, now is the time to go further. While the GRE Reading Comprehension session equips you with the skills, these skills need a lot of honing. This can be done only by practice. This exam allows you to first test yourself. Remember that this exam is not going to be easy. Before you start the test, please remember that should be able to complete the test in 15 minutes.