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Examiner-grade writing assessments that help you understand how IELTS writing is assessed. Get a detailed breakdown of the writing scores based on the Band Descriptors.


Writing 01 (General Training)

20 min

Writing 02 (General Training)

20 min

Writing 03

40 min

Why take these tests?

Exam Grade

Develop skills that actually help in the test

Carefully Curated

Designed and selected by the best from the best

360o Development

Created to develop multi-point understanding

Product Details

If you are looking for a securing a 7 in IELTS but have been failing to do so because writing has been holding you back, this is the one for you. With a combination of predefined tasks and the ability to send it responses to tasks of your choice - this products aims to deliver writing assessments that are examiner-grade. All tasks are evaluated, scored, and commented upon - giving you an idea of the areas that you need to focus on.

This product contains 10 (5 predefined and 5 of user choice) tasks.

The predefined tasks have been carefully structured to assess you on areas that are most common reasons for lower than expected scores in writing. It is recommended that the candidate take at least two of these first before proceeding towards writing responses to custom tasks.

At First Academy, we take evaluations very seriously. We understand the difference between getting a 6.5 and a 7.0. Here is a sample of one of our evaluations. In this evaluation:

  • The first page includes the writing tasks with mistakes underlined.
  • The second page includes all of the above in addition to brief explanations of what these mistakes are.
  • The final page includes trainer comments along with a tentative band score.

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