Amalgamation (n) - the act of combining into a whole 
Eclectic (adj) - assemblage of varied parts, styles, thoughts, etc.    
Catholic (adj) – universal, inclusive 
Asunder (adverb) – to separate into pieces 
Motley (adjective) – mismatched, heterogeneous, ragtag 
Diaspora (n) - the dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture) 
Cleave (v) – cutting or splitting something apart, or sticking to something like glue. 
Disseminate (v) - to spread information, knowledge, opinions widely. Semin- derives from the Latin word for seed 

All the sentences have as answers one of the above words.
The objective of political leaders should ideally be to foster community. However, most only serve to tear it     with divisiveness
The movie, aimed to appeal to a wide range of audience was a fantasy     of Hawaiian, Asian, and Polynesian influences, with a distinctly American twist.
One is shaped by everything one reads and experiences. The house being filled with books of all kinds, faiths, and opinions, the taste of the household was     to say the least.
While diverse influences are ripping our culture     , it is the collective obsession with food that holds us together.
The dress was so tight that it seemed to     to the skin like a tattoo.
Paradoxically, the Russian     is both an asset for President Vladimir Putin and also a constant threat.
An early obsession with learning led the teenager, into a     interest in just about everything.
Abandoned desk drawers in offices are strange places where you are likely to find a     assortment of odds and ends.
The refugee ship, The Haven, was staffed by a     crew of single-mothers and unemployed dockworkers looking for promised lands.
While the debates were supposed to provide clarity, the     of ideas and arguments were difficult for even the well-informed audience to digest.
Facebook courted controversy, most recently, over its refusal to prevent politicians from being able to     falsehoods.
It is estimated that about a half-million Armenians scattered into a     in Russia, the United States and elsewhere right after the first world war.
The furnishings, like the tapestry, was     . A multicultural, a blend of East and West.
Surprisingly, employees say they work more, efficiently when they’re not forced to     life from work.
The development of printing made it possible to     knowledge on an unprecedented scale.