Culinary – of or for cooking 
Gourmet – of cooking as a skill or an art 
Epicurean – getting pleasure from food and drink of high quality 
Gluttony – eating more than what is needed 
Gastronomy – the art and knowledge involved in preparing and eating good food. 
Voracious – having a large appetite (for anything) 
Choose the word which best fits the blanks in the sentences here. 

In order to understand the diversity of Indian cuisine, researchers at the National Science Research Center decided to come with a     map of India.
In many cultures bears unfairly are made symbols of insatiable     While it is true that they have a varied diet, their excess consumption is only in preparation of the cold winters which they spent without eating.
Some food chains are now trying to reinvent the wheel. One such eatery has taken up the baton to turn the humble burger into a full featured     meal.
The tiny island state of Tasmania has become an     dream for those who wanted to pursue a richer culinary culture. Its pristine environment and chemical free farming practices offer tons to those whose main aim in life is to enjoy what they eat.
Though South America is credited with the discovery of the chilli, they have been a part of the     tradition of several countries for centuries before that.
To those who support the idea of avoiding everything in excess, Christmas, with its unbridled array of dishes, has become a festival of    
There was always this trope of judging a woman by what she cooked and how she chose what she did: a discussion of the usefulness of     in making judgements about character.
With numerous rivers, the state is rich in sand, which dredged out of river-beds to feed the country‚Äôs     construction industry.
The picturesque county of Rutland boasts a Michelin-star restaurant, dozens of     eateries, but what it lacks is a Mc Donalds or a Burger King.
Fish and Chips is more than a snack. It is a part of the British culture, national identity and    
Much like our own, the Georgian Era was an age of     excess. The rising leisure class had more time to eat the more varieties provided by the ever-increasing number of restaurants, plunging the upper classes into a mini obesity epidemic.
The program follows the extraordinary life of the yellowfin tuna from when it is but a minute egg to the time it becomes a 200-kilogram,     predatory giant.