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Read this, maybe?

This is a mini test! The title already says this, but note that there are only 20 questions. The test has been designed to give you an overview of all question types in the GRE.

Do not expect them to be too easy though!😉

Some General Information

This 20 question GRE mini test is the quickest way to understand what the nuances of GRE. The test has been specifically designed to help you understand several aspects of the test - Question types, Question formats, Skills tested, Word-use, Difficulty level, and Concepts tested in the actual exam.


About the Actual Test

The real test requires candidates to answer 100 questions (80 scored and 20 research). This test is one-fifth the length of the standard test without missing out on the elements that make the GRE unique.

From the experience of our trainers who have authored multiple books on English and Math, comes this mini test.


GRE Mini Test