Translation and Meaning of Sittarala Sirapadu

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Regional and folk songs seem to be all the rage these days. From the super popular daari choodu dummu choodu, to the incredibly popular Penimiti to the ya.. ya.. song, the secret to block-busting the box office seems to be the inclusion of a folk song retuned to the tastes of the milennial audiences. On the lines of these songs comes the staggeringly well-sung and well picturised Sittaraala Sirapadu from Ala...Vaikunthapuramulo...

Here are the lyrics and the translation of the song:

Sittharala Sirapadu
Sittharala Sirapadu
look at the dandy slicker (a person with style and presence) with all the swag, and the deserving macho

uttharaa-na oori chivara
sittharala sirapadu
coming from the northern end of the village, he is indeed a stallion (macho man)

pattu patti-naada ogga-ne ogga-du
Once he has decided on doing something, there is no letting go, nor is there any going back

Pettha-naalu nadi-pedu Sittharala Sirapadu
He is the one who can indeed get the big guns going

ooroo-ru oggesi-na udum-pattu ogga-du
Even after the last person has let go, he will be standing strong, till he's done doing what he does (udumu = monitor lizard, known for its tenacious grip; pattu=grip)
Buga-thodi aam-bothu rank-esi kumma bothe
Buga-thodi aam-bothu rankesi kumma bothe
When a bull in heat is running amok ready to trample all and sundry (Bugathodu = a rich person (usually arrogant); aamobthu = bull; rankey = bellowing)

kommul-ooda-deesi maree peepal-oodi-naadu-ro..
It is our man who brings it under control and makes it dance to his tunes (literally, the line says, the man plays trumpet with the bulls horns)
Jadal-ippi marri settu deyyala kompante
Jadal-ippi marri settu deyyala kompante
When someone said the banyan tree's vines are full of ghouls (Marri = banyan tree, also ficus benghalensis | A banyan tree with roots is said to harbour ghosts)

deyyamu-tho kayyaa-niki thoda-kotti digadu
He went in all guns blazing challenging whatever ghouls there are to take him on if they dared.

Ammori jaatharalo onti tala raavanudu
ammori jaatharalo onti tala raavanudu
gunta-lenta padi-thenu guddi gunda sesinadu
gunta-lenta padi-thenu guddi gunda sesinadu

(ammoru = goddess Kali; jaatara = festival to celebrate the holiness of a god/goddess)
when an evil, influential eve-teaser is blatantly harassing girls who have come to pay obeisance to the goddess, he was delivered a sound thrashing by our young, fearless stallion.

Varada-lo gunta-gaallu chikku-koni bikku-mante
varada-lo gunta-gaallu chikku-koni bikku-mante
When some young boys from the village were trapped in a flash flood; scared and with nowhere to go

eed-eedhu-kuntu-boyi eedchu-kocchi-naaduro..
eed-eedhu-kuntu-boyi eedchu-kocchi-naaduro..
It was our man, who fought the raging current, and got the boys safely to the shore

Ponnuru vasthadhu dammunte rammante
ponnuru vasthadhu dammunte rammante
When he was challenged by a village strongman for a fight

rommu-meedh-okkatichi kummi kummi poyadu
rommu-meedh-okkatichi kummi kummi poyadu
He won the fight with a one hit knockout (one mighty punch to the strongman's chest was all it took to floor him)

Padi mandi naaga-leni padi moorla sora-sepa
padi mandi naaga-leni padi moorla sora-sepa
There was a ten-foot shark that could not be netted

odupugaa onti-setho oddu-kottu-kochinaadu
It was he who single-handedly brought it to the shore

saamu-sese kandathoti denikaina gattipoti
His regular work-outs have made him muscled and fight ready

adugadugu esinada adhirenu avathalodu
his every step drives fear into the hearts of his opponents

Sittharala Sirapadu Sittharala Sirapadu
uttha-raana oori chivara sittharala sirapadu

look at the dandy slicker with all the swag, and the deserving macho
coming from the northern end of the village, he is indeed a stallion (macho man)

gandu-pilli soopulatho-gunde-lona guchaadu
his piercing looks are usually enough to drive fear into the hearts of ne'er-do-wells

Sakka-namma enaka-badda poki-rolla iragadanthe
sakka-namma enaka-badda poki-rolla iragadanthe
When he resolutely thumped (thrashed soundly) those eve teasing the village beauty

Sakka-namma kalla-llo yela yela sukkal-oche
sakka-namma kalla-llo yela yela sukkal-oche
the eyes of the damsel lit-up in gratitude



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