Lockdown Trains and Furniture

 May 11 2020    |   Category: General Interest

Another day under lockdown, and some more news of more people being affected by the virus, and some hand-wringing by people in power, and then some more empty-talk of living with the virus. We have heard it all, we have seen it all, and we are now on the verge of frustration that is leading us to want to give it all up.

Hold on. There is definitely going to be life after this, and if the way humanity has been going on all these years is any proof, life after this is going to be just the same as the one before. We will ignore global warming, climate change, and continue to focus on petty politics. We will fight about which incompetent political party is better, news channels will continue to sensationalise stuff, and we will have people falling prey to the African King / Queen /  Lord email scam, and our networks will be held to ransom, the next year will again see thousand-dollar flagship phones, and all will be..... well, well. Or in the words or Stephen King, it will be SSDD. Same Shit, Different Day.

People will continue to search for whatever video is popular. Today is about some lady in China pleasuring herself in IKEA. Google trends tells me that 'IKEA • Masturbation • China • Viral video' is among the TOP 5 trending search terms in India today. If that is not proof of the world not changing much, I do not know what is. Within the specific location, people are worried about Dil Raju getting married, and not so surprisingly news about the BOIS locker Room Instagram stuff.

The proof is in the newspapers too. Smut is something that always sells. A refresh of the Trends page tells me that people are also worried about Poonam Pandey being booked by the Mumbai police for something or the other. While others want to know what the price of the latest RealMe Narzo 10's  price is.

If you notice all the things people are searching for, the virus does not even make it to the top 10. Nor does news about the lockdown. There you have it, irrefutable proof that people do not care about the virus anymore. What should the governments do? Now that liquor is flowing, everyone is assuming all is well with the world.

Well, to each their own.



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