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 Dec 16 2020    |   Category: IELTS

1. Unnecessary Use of Synonyms

Avoid Certain synomyms for  child, children, and parents.

Most candidates make the mistake of thinking that using synonyms will improve their IELTS score. This is not entirely correct. Using the right word at the right place is a lot, lot, lot more important that using synonyms for otherwise common words.

Many test takers use words like progeny, younglings, offspring, among others. With respect to IELTS, these words are almost always wrong. 'Children', 'youngsters' and 'young people' are accepted alternatives. There's nothing wrong with repeating these words throughout your essay. Do not use the other words.The same is the case with 'parents'. Quite often, the word is replaced with other less accurate (for IELTS) words like guardians or caretakers. A guardian or a caretaker is not always a parent, and depending on the context, they might convey a wrong meaning.

2. Big Words

Avoid use of words like Opine, Recapitulate, etc

While using these words might make you feel good, just using these words will do nothing to your score. In fact, the word 'opine' is almost never used in an academic setting, unless you are writing a novel or a story. The use of the word is layered and nuanced. Unless you are fully familiar with the context, do not use these words.

3. Fossilised Errors

Avoid: Discuss about, most of the people

Discuss already means talk about. So, if you want to talk about the why crime is increasing, simply say, this essay discusses the reasons behind the increasing crime...

The same applies for 'most of the people'. Simple say 'most people'. Most of the people do not understand the beauty of simple sentences.

4. Unnecessary Phrases

Avoid phrases like, 'in the technologically advanced era..', 'like every coin has two sides...', 'in today's competitive world..'

When beginning passages, many test takers make the mistake of using phrases like those mentioned above. These phrases rarely add value, and since they do not add value, they do not add to your score, and in some cases, take away from it.

For instance, saying, '... there are two sides to the issue' is much, much, much better than writing ' every coin has two sides, the topic of this essay also has two sides.'

The simple test below will tell you how effective using the right word is!

Happy Learning!

Word Use Test 1

Looking to improve your vocabulary? Looking to get an awesome score in Lexical Resource? Be it acing the GRE or getting the top score in IELTS, knowing words would isn't enough, you need to know how to use that words. This test is a first in the series of tests that improve vocabulary, word use and understanding of sentence structure.

Difficulty Level : Easy

Since it first   1   the public imagination in the 1950s, television   2   placed the dominant segment of our population - white heterosexual males - at center   3   . Ethnic minorities were all   4   absent from television until the early 1970s;   5   in the last decade have programmes featured women in prominent roles.

  6   when there are scenes where both sexes appear   7   camera, men generally play the brilliant detectives, fearless explorers and skilled surgeons. Women, by   8   , continue to be   9   as the less capable characters.

Change has come most slowly to advertising,   10   sells products by conforming   11   widely established cultural norms. Advertising   12   frequently presents the two sexes in stereotypical ways. Historically, commercials have shown women in the home, happily using cleaning products, and trying   13   new appliances. Men, on the other hand, predominate in commericals for cars, banking services and industrial companies. The authoritative 'voiceover' - the faceless voice that promotes products on television and radio - is almost always male.

There are also other, more subtle biases. Men are often photographed   14   appear taller than women, implying malesuperiority. Women are more frequently presented lying, or, like children, sitting on the floor. The expressions and gestures of men   15   competence and authority,   16   women are more likely to appear   17   childlike poses. While men focus on the product   18   advertised, women direct their interest to men, conveying their supportive and submissive role. Advertising   19   actively promotes the myth that by embracing traditional notions of feminity and masculinity, we   20   our prospects for personal and professional success.



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