IELTS Writing Task 2 Band 9 - Ageing

 Dec 01 2020    |   Category: IELTS

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The coronavirus pandemic has exposed issues and inequities across society. The issue of how to plan for ageing populations has been neglected for decades. Fresher-faced youth and families have become the focus of politicians, thereby reinforcing a deep-seated prejudice against ageing and older people.

If Gandhi is right, and the true measure of a society can be found in how we treat the most vulnerable, then we all still have a lot to learn. The world needs a radical shift to policies that better support ageing. We need to shift the conversation on ageing to healthy ageing and creating environments that better support ageing in place (ageing in their homes rather than in healthcare facilities).

Age-friendly places aren’t just good for older people. They also support the needs of children, people with a disability and everyone else in a community. Recently the World Health Organisation developed practical tools to help policymakers and planners assess the age-friendliness of local neighbourhoods. This included the use of spatial indicators to measure the eight domains of the Age-Friendly Cities framework.

Another approach is the integrated healthcare system. The goal of this system will be to manage people’s health and social care needs at home to reduce frequent hospitalisations and entry into nursing homes. Integrated care is the way forward — this is the best solution for maintaining a high quality of life among older adults. We can no longer rely on the family as the primary support system for older adults.

Afterall, the elderly brought us up, and if nothing else, what we owe them is a pain free, happy adult life.

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