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IELTS is easily the most popular English proficiency test. It’s robust structure, and integrity is making it a valuable language assessment tool. Familiarity breeds contempt, and prevalence breeds misconception. Here are a few common misconceptions about IELTS.IELTS is difficultIELTS is neither tricky nor difficult. It starts off easy, and as you progress, so does the level of complexity. This is designed to gently take the test taker into higher levels of language without the test taker feeli

Three tips for 8 band in Speaking

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Getting a 7 band in speaking is very easy. Start with these 3 easy tips and ace the test. These are tips that will work for everyone, and work quickly. If you are looking for a great score in IELTS, you will need to first understand how IELTS is evaluated. IELTS makes this really easy. There is something called the speaking band descriptor that provides a detailed report of all the parameters that IELTS looks at while evaluating a candidate’s proficiency in English. In this article we will

Meet the Dean: Fairleigh Dickinson University USA

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Situated in the east-coast, Fairleigh Dickinson University has become a popular destination for Indian students. Among the many benefits FDU provides, here are a few: A) Scholarships in the USA FDU offers up to 9000USD scholarship for all deserving international students. This scholarship is the reflection of student’s GPA and GRE scores. B) Location FDU is located in New Jersey. Its a centrally located city in the east coast amidst many technology companies. It is also a ston

The Best Preparation For IELTS

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The Most Awesome IELTS Preparation Begins here One of the most important aspects of IELTS preparation is thoroughly understanding the pattern of the test. Knowing that there are 4 sections is easy. This is, by now, common knowledge. However, knowing how the test is exactly will go a long way in helping your IELTS practice time become more fruitful. One of the ways to do this is to take an IELTS online test. The online exam will not only allow you to understand that pattern of the test but als

5 Universities and Colleges that offer full scholarships in the US

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For many getting into a university in the US takes a second spot because of the sometimes expensive tuition fee. But that need not always be the case. This article lists 5 of the many colleges and universities that offer generous scholarships to international students. Getting into the US is no longer a distant dream. It can be a reality. Check out the following colleges and universities and read up to know more about the scholarships they provide.  1. Eastern Tennessee State University

Clauses 2

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Continuing from Part 1 of the article on clauses: Let us now look at complex sentences. A complex sentence is one that has a Main (or independent) clause (an independent clause is something that can form sentences on their own and are finite) along with subordinate (or dependent) clauses (These cannot form sentences on their own.) Look at some examples below. The parts in bold are the main clauses (can work as independent sentences while the parts in italics are dependent clauses (do not wo

Importance of variety

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Understanding how sentences work is very important. For you to be able to do that, you will have to know how to construct them. This short quiz will present you with 8 different sentences. Try and reconstruct those sentences using the word in bold. You might have to use phrases and idiomatic expressions where necessary.


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If you want to read better, you will absolutely need to understand how a sentence works. This will allow us to break a sentence down into easily understandable pieces. Each of these bite-sized pieces is called a clause. A clause is the basic unit of grammar. Usually, a main clause is made up of a subject (s) (a noun phrase) and a verb phrase (v). [Subject]Ram [Verb]called.  This is an example of a simple sentence. However, when one is reading, we do not just encounter simple sentences. Most

Their | There | They’re

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We at First Academy have the fortune of learning on the job. As teachers of English, we are naturally among the first to encounter the most common mistakes people make and encounter them on a regular basis. The one mistake that usually takes the cake is the difficulty most people face in understanding the difference between there, they’re (they are) and there. Here is a short primer on what these words mean and how to use them correctly. Be it IELTS or PTE or CELPIP or any other English test

Using Idioms – Quiz

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The only problem with my sister is that she is always splitting hairs. Does it mean that she’s a hair dresser? Or does her hair have split ends, and that she needs to visit a salon or a hairdresser? Not really. Expressions of this kind have become part of everyday English, and have naturally filtered into language that is used in tests. If you are not aware of what these expressions mean, there is a danger of you misunderstanding what has been presented. The 12 idioms listed here all fall

10 Commonly Used Idioms – June 2019

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This is going to be an article that we are going to come back to once every two months are so. In this series, we will be looking at idioms that have appeared in newspapers and articles. This means two things – these idioms are commonly used and indicate a fluency in language, the second, if you are taking an advanced test like the GRE or the GMAT, these are things that they expect you to know. Here are the idioms you will look at today: Leap of faith Falling on deaf ears Full steam

20 Academic Expressions – Vocabulary Resource

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Here are 20 Expressions and words that you need to know to ace you exam.There are a few words and phrases that occur fairly commonly no matter what exam you take. Understanding these phrases will make it easy for your to crack the reading comprehension section or might just be able to help you understand the question better. In many cases the fifteen expressions that follow are used in contexts where many questions appear. Be familiar with these and you will ace the competitive tests. GRE? Sure.

Vocabulary Building Passage – 5

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Read this article about Vancouver. A city in Canada. “Vancouver is a wonder city,” Canadian author Stephen Leacock once wrote. “It has the combined excellence of nature’s gift and man’s handiwork.” Today this statement rings truer than ever. The glittering glass metropolis – set against temperate rainforest, ocean inlets, and the Coast Mountains of British Columbia – keeps finding new ways to shine. Over the past five years, the city has taken important steps toward reconciliat

10 IELTS Myths – Part 2

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6. I practiced 50 full tests, I will get an 8While practicing sample questions is a good way to familiarise yourself with the structure and fine tune your timing, it does not equate with a good score. Remember, IELTS questions and passages are NOT repeated. You will get a new passage each time. So understanding the test and what the questions need from you will help you more than bull-headed practice. Take a look at a super straightforward listening test and see how you fare! You might be

10 IELTS Myths – Part 1

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Stay Tuned for the next part! IELTS is easily the most popular English proficiency test. It’s robust structure, and integrity is making it a valuable language assessment tool. Familiarity breeds contempt, and prevalence breeds misconception. Here are a few common misconceptions about IELTS. 1. IELTS is difficult IELTS is neither tricky nor difficult. It starts off easy, and as you progress, so does the level of complexity. This is designed to gently take the test taker into higher levels

The Understanding Series – Part 2 – Another vs. Other

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In the second part of the series, we will look at use of Another and Other, and along the way also take a look at use of Articles. Most of us already know that A and An are articles to indicate non specific nouns, while the is used for specific nouns. Extending from this, Another simply is the combination of the two words an and other. So, when we are using Another or other, it means we are looking at nonspecific noun.  Ex: This pen is not writing well. Give me another. (Any other pen) Howe

The Understanding Series – Part1

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You are here ins all probability because of two reasons. You are taking an English test, or you are looking to improve your English. If you are taking an English test, you will invariably have to deal with sentences. In this installment of the Understanding Series – we will look at how to figure a sentence out. There are four fundamental elements that you would need to know about before you start figuring out sentences. These are listed in the table below:Now, into some greater detail: Sub

Understanding Stuff Better – Interpreting Language

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There are several seemingly simple words and expressions that test takers regularly encounter. Seemingly because these words have different meanings in different contexts. Understanding what these mean and when can mean the difference between selecting a right answer and being saddled with a lower than expected score. Take for instance the following expressions: Here are a few common words that are used in questions and reading comprehension passages. Take a look:

OET Writing – 6 Tips to Get an A

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This article is details 6 pointers which will help you score high on the OET writing subtest. 1. Who are you writing to? ❔ The answer to this question has the potential to completely change the geography of the letter you are going to write. Are you writing to a doctor or a caretaker or a nurse? If you are writing to a doctor, are you writing to a general physician, or a gynaecologist, or a neurologist? Understanding this will give you an understanding of what to look for in the case notes.

Understanding Reading Texts

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Reading in the IELTS, GRE, PTE, OET, TOEFL tests is not about reading aloud but being able to understand the texts. Sometimes understanding texts can be difficult due to unfamiliar words or challenging sentence structure.There are various reasons why words might be  unfamiliar to a reader. One of them could be culture. An American, for instance, might not immediately figure out what lorry is, since Americans use the word truck. The same goes with biscuits and cookies. This could be a hurd

Paraphrase – Understanding – 🎧

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The test is in 4 Parts. Answer the questions as you listen. Fill in the answers in the blanks below!Audio : full PDF of the test is available here:

IELTS Writing Task 2 Evaluation

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Are you new to IELTS? Try the basic IELTS writing quiz.

Writing Better Part 3

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This quiz is the third installment of our eight part series focusing on sentence variety. Hope you find it enlightening! For those of you who have missed the first two tests, the links are at the page below!InstructionsFor the questions in the set, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.Here is an example:  It's true that the company might go into liquidation if it's not careful. DANGER  There is a danger of the company

Listening Test – Challenging

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Short Listening 2Play the audio file and answer questions as you listen. In the actual test, you will not be allowed to pause or rewind the tape. Try following the same rules here too! Remember, the questions are not easy. Read the questions and the answer options at least once before you play the audio tape!  Audio Player : For question or clarifications, you can always reach out to us at

Money and Happiness – Band 9 Sample Essay

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The following essay is an extension from the article in the telegram channel @IELTSIndia. This post contains an article from which many expressions and phrases have been taken. It is only to give the reader an idea of how to use expressions and phrases the right way. Can money bring happiness? What are the factors for happiness? For many people, life is all about money. People spend a lot of time either thinking about it or figuring out ways to earn it. In this essay, I aim to look at wheth

Few vs. A Few

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Sentence Variety – 2

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Be it for IELTS, GRE, OET, or any other test you wish to take, knowing words is only one very small part of the fight. If you want to be better than most, you need to be able to both understand and construct a variety of sentences. This quiz looks at your ability to use words in different contexts (GRE) and your ability to construct different sentences with the same meaning (IELTS). Take this quiz and see how you score! If you are new here, and want to look at the earlier test, you can take

Writing Evaluation

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If you are on a slow connection, please wait for the PDF to load.How is Writing Evaluated? At First Academy, we take evaluations very seriously. We understand the difference between getting a 6.5 and a 7.0. Our trainers thoroughly understand the all the evaluation parameters of IELTS. Here is a sample of one of our evaluations. In this evaluation, you will find: the mistakes underlined. brief explanations of what these mistakes are. trainer comments along with a tentative band score.